Download the COMPLETE UNITY PLAN [pdf] What if Atlantic Yards is not built? What if it's only partly built? What then?
The UNITY Plan for Brooklyn's Vanderbilt Yards


Table of Contents

p1 Executive Summary

p5 Why UNITY?

p9 The FCR Plan and Existing Alternatives
        The Forest City Ratner Plan
        The Unity Plan (2004)
        The Extell Plan
        The Pacific Plan

p13 The 2007 UNITY Workshop
        Scenario 1. What if the entire FCR project is build as planned?
        Scenario 2. What if none of the FCR’s plan gets built?
        Scenario 3. What if only the first phase gets built?

p18 UNITY Design Overview

p23 Affordable Housing

p27 Transportation

p34 Open Space

p37 Economic Development and Jobs

p39 An Open Planning Process

p41 Appendix A: Acknowledgements and Biographies

p43 Appendix B: Principles for Responsible Community
        Development on the Vanderbilt Rail Yards

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